Alicia Keys, taken by me at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.  


Another pic of Emma with Alicia

She made me taste this nasty ass drink from the juice bar🙊🙊💀 the shit you do when in love damn😂 photo by@Lyleowerko #harlem #bx🙌 lmao

Bea's photo blog

This is gonna be a shameless self-promo post, I’m sorry :p

Hey everybody! I am running a photo blog, and I am currently doing a project that you guys should check it out. It’s called the Human Portrait, and this is where I feature humans and ask them some of life’s biggest questions.

It’s 3 weeks old so it’s very new and I currently have 10 followers, and it would be AMAZING if you guys followed the blog. 

I promise you, it’s a good one! So please, if you have time, check it out! I will love you forever!

Thanks everybody!



Alicia Keys x Swizz Beatz x Nas


Want to come behind the scenes in the studio with Pharrell​ and me? ;-) #ItsOnAgain